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💥. Through our friends and family we were introduced to Baby Photography, the first photojournalism app in the world that provides you with information and snapshots of your little one from a certain angle. During our trials and tribulations we began to wonder whether this application would be able to capture such a tiny image of our baby (or toddler) in such a clear and stable way. Through experimentation, we came to realize that it was inevitable that there would be some moments when the app would have problems because it lost track of time or wasn’t fully reacting to your baby’s movements.

Take a peek inside the world of baby photography. To celebrate 50 years since the birth of Marilyn Monroe, we’re breaking out the vintage cameras. Not too shabby. The first major feature to stand out from these cameras is that since they were made in the 1920s, they are able to produce images with a resolution of around 4 megapixels. That’s 4 times better than what you’d find on more modern digital cameras and it’s very clear how well these cameras would have been able to capture such life-like images at the time.

As you know, pregnancy is a time of change for many parents. Multiple pregnancies have been documented to have adverse effects on the fetus and may present an opportunity for early diagnosis and intervention. When a woman is pregnant, she is most likely trying to conceive. She may not know it but she’s pregnant. And who wouldn’t want that? But there are some risks associated with pregnancy such as birth defects, even those born during utero would be different than other humans.

Here’s a new product I saw on Twitter that my daughter had been talking about for a while. Anyway, 6 month baby photography! My sister and I decided to get one of these in the hopes that it would help us capture beautiful pictures of our son’s first months when he is almost 2. Not to be long-winded, but here’s the thing: there are some pros and cons to this service. Pros: You can tag your baby directly into the app without having to create another account. You can also add other parents who have already tagged their own babies into their group.

You may have heard me recently mention how I love photographing babies. Well, I’m so glad you did. The photos are amazing and the experience totally makes me feel like a better person for getting involved in this endeavor. Baby photography is the best way for me to connect with other parents and help them do good work for the community. As a photographer, it’s my job to capture images that are encouraging of healthy growth in the baby, discovering patterns in their behaviors, and also finding unique ways to share their unique life story.

Here’s a one-stop shop for all the things you need to start or provide a tailored baby photo. However, if you don’t have money to make extra trips? No worries! You can always buy it here on Amazon. Pictured is a sample of the cards purchased HERE.

6 month baby photography is not only a great photo of your newborn but also incorporates more of your personality into the photo. Just like any parent, you may have had some fun with the little one from time to time, but now you can capture them with the same level of passion that you would be shooting for your own child. Just like with everyone else, sometimes life throws you curveballs and when that happens, you need to make an effort not to lose sight of the positive. You may want to freeze or print out the entire picture as a portrait and it may work fine if you use Instagram but it might be too much work to do this all at once.

Shoot your newborn almost every time they are born. Literally every time they are born. Everyone needs newborn pictures taken because people have a tendency to forget what happened to their baby, and everyone needs that picture. But instead of waiting until she is an adult to try and capture her in a formal portrait, why not shoot her right away? Most people forget their first sight at birth because it’s so miraculous. You could be looking at the world’s worst person and having them described for the world’s worst photographer. And with the images you get from those two photographers, it’ll be much easier to remember that anyone with a camera will always get this shot.


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