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The cast of A Different World, a sitcom that originally aired from 1987-1993 on ABC, had some major stars. Who could forget the talented Jada Pinkett Smith? There was also Lisa Bonet, who went on to star in cult classics like Angel Heart and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. And then there’s Darryl M. Bell who starred as Dwayne Wayne for six seasons before he left the show abruptly due to an off-screen scandal involving his HIV status. Find out what these stars are up to now! -Jada Pinkett Smith is now a successful actress and activist. She’s starred in blockbuster movies like The Women, Madagascar II, Collateral Beauty, and the Matrix sequels. In addition to her on-screen work she has also cofounded an anti-violence initiative that addresses boys at risk of violence called TRUCE: Togetherness Respect Understanding Creating Employment. -Lisa Bonet left A Different World after four seasons when she became pregnant with child actor Jason Momoa who was born in 1979. They got married in 1987 but divorced soon after due to irreconcilable differences much like their characters did on (the show). Next up for Lisa? Angel Heart starring alongside Robert DeNiro from 1987 before moving onto Benjamin Button


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