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What is it about pickles that dogs love? There must be something in these salty, sour vegetables that makes them irresistible to pets! But what could it be? Some people say it’s the vinegar. Others think maybe they smell like cat food. Whatever the reason, dogs will go out of their way to lick a pickle even if they won’t eat one. -pickles taste like vinegar (so that may be a factor) -some dogs also lick the outside of jars or empty pickle jar lids when they are around, which could mean they’re attracted to the smell of them. Perhaps it’s just an instinctual behavior for canines who might not get enough salt in their diet? Whatever the reason, licking is allowed! -Dogs have very sensitive noses and some people suspect this sense plays a large role in their enjoyment of these vegetables. It has been suggested that they may enjoy the tangy taste as well as how it feels on their tongue. And if you’ve ever noticed your pup sniffing out any food leftovers at home after dinner then there must


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