animal alive
dove, portrait, color @ Pixabay

This question may sound like an odd one, but it is a valid concern for people who hunt. If you shoot an animal and the animal falls to its side, does that mean it’s dead? This article will answer that question and also give tips on how to make sure your downed animal is really dead before you put them in a freezer. *To determine if a downed animal is dead, open the mouth and pull down on the lower jaw. If there’s no response from the skin or muscles around eyes, nose or ears, then it may be considered dead.* *If you want to save an animal for mounting purposes, check its body temperature by putting your hand under its chin where fat deposits are found. It should feel cool to touch when checking with one finger. However, if two fingers have contact with fatty tissue but still feels warm then do not consider that animal dead yet.* *You can also use a thermometer to measure the temperature of an animal which has been shot in order to find out how long they’ve been lying there before being checked.


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