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Drama is often described as a story with conflict. In drama, the main characters face obstacles and overcome them to reach their goal. The audience is drawn in by the struggle and subsequent resolution of these struggles. However, there are many different ways that drama can be told. There’s action-based drama with shows like Breaking Bad or Vikings, where we watch the dramatic events unfold on screen without much dialogue; there’s character-driven drama from shows like Sex and the City or House of Cards where we follow along as each character deals with their own problems; then there are dramedies that mix both comedy and tragedy to form a unique experience for viewers such as Six Feet Under or Glee. And finally, most people think of drama when someone says “Soap Opera.” These soaps are often characterized by a focus on the lives of people in one location, such as an apartment building or hospital. So soap operas could be considered either character-based dramas or action-based drama depending on which aspect is more prevalent and what the story’s goal is. There are many different types of drams that we enjoy watching for their unique experience but they can all be loosely grouped into these five categories: Action based Drama Character Driven Drama Dramedies Soapy Dramas Shows With No Clear Focus Point (Or Shows That Don’t Fit In Any Of The Above Categories)  * * * *


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