safe driving

The number one rule of safe driving is to always be aware of the road, and what could happen up ahead. You should look __ seconds ahead for medium-distance potential hazards. What are these hazards? They range from a person running across the street to an intersection where you’ll need to slow down due to traffic or stop completely because someone has pulled out in front of you. Blog Post Footer: This blog post was written by Mark. He is a driver for __ company and has had years of experience in providing safe driving courses to drivers who want to learn from him what it takes to be one of the safest drivers on the road. Mark, Driver-Instructor at All Star Driving School Inc., teaches how being an attentive driver can help prevent accidents like intersection collisions. To make sure you’re always watching out for hazards up ahead, he recommends looking __ seconds ahead for medium-distance potential hazards like people running across the street or traffic lights changing colors so slow down accordingly. If they are not seen early enough when approaching intersections, cars may pull out into your path without signaling that often leading


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