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This is a riddle.

How many sheep are left? A farmer had 15 sheep and all but eight died, making the total of how many that are left? Eight! The answer to this math problem is eight. If you have more then try using subtraction or dividing by two.

What do you find when you divide six in half?

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Three! So three would be what’s remaining after one-half was lost – so if there were fifteen, four would remain if they divided them up into even groups of five (and some extras). There’s your answer: four remained which means that fourteen went away with death like lambs slew at their play.”

A farmer had 15 sheep and all but eight died. How many are left? The answer is six because there were 16 before the eight dropped dead and now only six remain alive to continue breeding for the farm.

The story suggests that even though times may be tough in your business or with your finances, you can keep going if you have a plan–or at least some hope!–to stay afloat.


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