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As a father, you want to be both a friend and role model to your son. But how can you balance being “Dad” with being a buddy?

The answer might just be in the way that you approach these roles. Here is an excerpt from A Budding Friendship:

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A Father’s Struggle by Greg Sestero that illustrates this point. Greg has been struggling for years with his identity as a parent and wants help figuring out what he should do. He realizes that even though he is not always home or able to provide everything for his son, he does have quality time where they are together.

For example, on Sunday mornings when the two of them watch football together or go fishing on Saturday afternoons.” “I’m not the father I always wanted to be,” Greg admits. “But as a dad, I am so much better than I ever imagined.” The content you have entered does not meet our editorial guidelines for long-form content and will need additional work before it can be published on the site.

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