financial terms
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The future is a tough thing to plan for. There are so many variables that affect it, and the one’s you can’t predict with certainty have the biggest impact on your plans. That being said, most business owners find themselves having to make some kind of future plan at least once in their life. This article will cover 12 different types of future plans that businesses typically encounter. *Financial Plans: these are plans that have to do with the company’s financial goals. They include both short and long-term projections of where a business expects their profits will be in say, five years or ten years. These types of future plans can also involve determining how much capital is needed for continued growth as well as cash flow projections *Marketing Strategies: this type of plan involves projecting what kind of marketing methods should be used in order to achieve a specific goal. This could mean figuring out which channels (TV ads, social media campaigns) need more money invested into them and then calculating the return on investment based off those decisions *Technology Planning: it’s imperative that any growing business keep up with technology trends if


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