fantasy, horror, mystical @ Pixabay

It was a normal day at the maximum security prison. The inmates were all locked in their cells, and guards patrolled the halls to make sure everything remained quiet. That is, until an inmate with no name opened up his cell door and began to walk down the corridor. Without any warning, he burst into laughter as he saw one of the guards get kicked in the head by another inmate and fall unconscious on the floor. It wasn’t long before this former warden had turned from hero to villain, making a mockery out of every rule in place! This is a story about how the inmates turned against their warden, and what he had to do in order to keep it together. It was just another day at the prison when this former warden arrived. His job was simple: make sure that everything ran smoothly, no matter what happened! But then he met with catastrophe -the inmates were rebelling! The guards couldn’t handle them all on their own so they called for reinforcements. With every new guard came an inmate who found out that freedom tasted better than anything else of its kind. They set up traps around the prison; one false alarm can lead to disaster! This clever ex-warden did not shy away from any means necessary – his final solution impressed even those behind bars


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