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In the spirit of Halloween, I wanted to share with you a story about my time as a prison warden. It was quite an adventure! If you want to know how it all started and what happened next, then keep reading. Crazy things happen in prisons every day. You might be surprised at some of the strange tales that are found inside this blog post. A Former Warden’s Strange Tale: True Stories from a Prison The first thing is that there’s no shortage of prisoners trying to take over from within or outside forces looking for ways into our facilities; so whether they’re terrorists coming across the border, cartels moving their operations inland, gangs forming alliances on both sides of the law or psychopaths recreating themselves out in nature- your phone rings often enough with threats and warnings that make you feel like you’re the one who put on an orange suit and walked into a maximum security yard. I have been lucky in that I never saw anyone die by hands or knife, and it’s not because prisoners are afraid of me- they just don’t want to go down for murder. Too many people get killed inside these walls, so even though we only see about four murders per year here at my facility out of our population of 500 inmates, it doesn’t make them any less scary when they happen. Now take those numbers with the giant inmate populations across California (with more than 130 jails) then multiply them by all 50 states – there’s no shortage of violence either to worry over! The next thing is that prisons


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