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A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed Song: This song has been around for centuries but it still rings true today. It tells the story of how people are friends when they need help and then go their separate ways once the person who needs help doesn’t need them anymore. The song is about how people will help one another in time of need but when the person who needs it isn’t having any problems, they stop being friends. It typically tells a story of someone coming to their friend’s house and asking for money or food. The friend may give them some cash if they have it on hand, but won’t offer anything else because they are happy that their life has improved since then. Lyrics: A friend in need is a friend indeed; I’ll say it again-a friend in need is a friend indeed. Jesus said “the Bible” to his disciples-“I’m here with you always.” If your best buddy turns against you -you’re better off without him! And just


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