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A friend is someone who, no matter what happens, will always be on your side. A friend is someone who will tell you that you’re beautiful even when you’ve had a bad hair day or there’s food stuck in your teeth. A friend is someone who doesn’t care what kind of messes they get themselves into as long as it’s with their best friends. A good friend knows how to laugh through the tears and enjoy the laughs together. They are someone who will always be there for you no matter the situation. A friend knows how to make a bad day better, and that’s why they’re worth all the best memories with them. Everyone needs at least one good friend in their life. A true friend is someone who never stops being there when things get tough following through on what they said were going to do even if it means sacrificing some of their time or comfort just so you can feel more comfortable doing your thing again. Friendships take work but sometimes we find out that those relationships was worth it after all because without friends who would we share our favorite moments with? We wouldn’t have family members and significant others as much as we do now without making connections


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