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A game in which the players will not negotiate is a game without winners. Negotiation, or the process of negotiating, is an essential part of life. It’s how we get what we want and need out of every experience and relationship. It’s also one way to define our identity as human beings: people who are capable of adapting to any situation while deftly managing our needs and desires.

It’s the process that takes place when two people talk about something they want, and find a way to satisfy each other. It’s the art of understanding and respecting different points of view while maintaining one’s own beliefs.

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Of course negotiation is not always easy or possible, but it happens all day long- in our relationships with friends, spouses, children; at home, work or school; between nations. Negotiation is how we get what we need from life. A game without winners may sound like fun for some players – think Monopoly. But even there only one player can win every time around the board before everyone else loses out on their turn to play again. That doesn’t seem very much like a “game”.


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