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In the novel, The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, we are introduced to Ponyboy Curtis and his life as a Greaser in Tulsa’s gang culture. He is surrounded by violence and despair at every turn, until he finds that one special person who brings him hope for the future.

It was on this night when I found my “gang”-my friends-and they became my family.  Ponyboy Curtis, protagonist and narrator of The Outsiders. As I mentioned before my gang became my family when we realized that the society didn’t care about us any more than they cared for anyone else who lived in this wasteland-everyone was forgotten. Everything had changed from “you’re on your own” to “we’re all together now.”

books, library, reading @ Pixabay

Ponyboy Curtis (The Outsiders) This post is a great source of happiness because it tells the story of how one boy finds hope after he joins a group where people are accepted just as they are-a place where being different isn’t treated with contempt. This idea stands strong even today, 50 years later.


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