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In a time of dark and terrible wars, the people of Middle-earth needed a hero to lead them. They found one in Guthix, a courageous general who never lost sight of his objective: victory for all.

His tactics were clever and he was known as “the wisest man alive” among both allies and enemies alike. The first thing Guthix did when he became the general of Middle-earth was to create a plan for victory. His army had grown so large that it would be easy for them to lose sight of their objective, and that would lead to defeat against an even more powerful enemy.

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So he built some smaller fighting forces with specific objectives: one group was tasked with destroying all the enemies’ supply lines; another destroyed important targets in their homeland while leaving others untouched; still other small groups were given orders never to engage in combat but rather serve as scouts or spies on behalf of his formidable force. This wise approach led him into many battles where he emerged victorious despite being outnumbered by foes three times his size.


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