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A geriatric patient is an older person who has a chronic disease or disability and needs medical care. Patients in this category may have serious health problems, such as dementia or heart failure.

They are often discharged from the hospital after rehabilitation, but they may require long-term treatment at home. This blog post will explore what it means to be a geriatric patient by looking at common diagnoses that fall into this category.  A person who is typically 65 years or older and has serious health problems such as dementia, heart failure, etc.

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A geriatric patient may have one of these types of diagnosis: *Alzheimer’s disease – an irreversible brain disorder which causes memory loss and difficulties with problem solving in the later stages; Parkinson’s Disease-a progressive neurological condition affecting motor skills caused by declining dopamine levels; Usher Syndrome-an inherited hearing impairment that can lead to gradual blindness due to retinal degeneration; Cystic Fibrosis (CF)-an incurable genetic lung disorder characterized by poor respiratory function.


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