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A girl should be two things: strong and soft. She must know when to be tough, but also how to give a hug. She should know when it’s time for her to fight, and she shouldn’t shy away from the challenge.

But she also needs a softer side; one that knows when it’s time for her to cry, or just let go of something that scares her. She should be patient, understanding and forgiving. She needs to know when it’s time for her to speak up about how she feels, but also learn the value of silence.

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A girl should always feel pretty in what she wears on the outside, but never neglect taking care of herself from within. A girl is strong enough to do anything that a man can do and still have something left over for whatever comes next. But only if we teach them early enough not just what they can’t do because society says so; instead teaching our girls that they are capable of everything-no limitations necessary.” Now I am two things – strong and soft. I know when I need to fight or let go of my fear. 


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