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The government is in charge of a lot more than what meets the eye. In some cases, they are creating and maintaining monopolies on certain industries. This is done for many reasons: to protect people from large corporations that have too much power, to create jobs for people in the community who need them most, or even just because it’s easier for everyone involved when there’s only one provider.

Whatever the reason may be, monopolies do exist and they can be hard to avoid. This blog post will go over 11 steps you can take to avoid being forced into doing business with a monopoly provider. It’s not always easy to avoid a monopoly, but these 11 steps can help you get around the problem and find what you need.  Do your research on where the product or service is being offered by multiple companies; if there are other providers then that might be an indication of more competition meaning it will cost less for consumers. Find out who else in your area offers the same product as well so you have options when comparing prices with different providers.

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Check to see if this company has any negative reviews online before using them yourself because that could save time trying to figure out which provider is best from scratch. There may also be reviews written by people already living near their facilities or someone who had something.


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