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Plants are absolutely amazing. They can carry out photosynthesis if given nothing more than: water, air and light. Let’s take a look at the process of how plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and sugars for themselves, animals and humans to use!

Plants have chlorophyll molecules that absorb energy from light.

Chlorophyll helps the process of photosynthesis by harvesting and storing solar energy to be used during times when light is scarce. This function was first discovered in green algae, which can convert sunlight into food!

Botany for Beginners

This post will cover a few plant basics: what they are; their advantages over other organisms; how they grow, reproduce and develop defenses against predators.

It’s hoped this introduction will get you started on your botanical journey as we explore plants from around the world and learn about these amazing living beings! Let’s begin with some background information on plants before delving


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