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As a business owner, you’re probably always looking for ways to increase your following on Twitter. You might have tried the most common hack: buying followers. But guess what? It’s time for an upgrade! This blog post will provide 10 clever hacks that will help you get more followers and increase engagement in just minutes! * Hack #11: Find a Twitter Moment that you are interested in, and retweet. – Check out the Moments section of your profile (while logged on to Twitter) with the search bar at the top for topics relevant to what you want to tweet about. Click “Share” next to one or more moments relating to subjects related to your content like marketing, business tips, food recipes, etc. * Hack #12: Create a hashtag campaign! __ . Use this tactic when you have several tweets all pertaining to one topic, event or issue such as launching a new product line or promoting an upcoming sale by using hashtags (#). This will increase exposure for tweets containing these keywords which can translate into increased followers


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