hair dryer
woman, hair, hair dryer @ Pixabay

While hair dryers have been around for a long time, many people are not aware of how much energy they consume. Hair dryers use 16.5 watts when plugged into a 120-volt line, which is equivalent to about 1/12 the power consumption of an average incandescent light bulb or 1/19 that of an average CFL. This is an estimate of the average power consumption for a hair dryer and how it compares to other common electrical appliances. Hair Dryers can be used while plugged in, but many people prefer using them with batteries or by plugging into a GFCI outlet because they are less likely than others to start fires from loose wires that may not have been properly wrapped up. When changing the setting on your hair dryer, try drying at lower settings first so you don’t overheat your head! Most models will indicate which voltage should be selected based on where they will be used; 120 volt for US/Canada use and 220-240 volts for European countries. Be sure to check before traveling abroad with one of these


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