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It’s not uncommon to see people using their smartphones while driving these days. They may be checking the map, or reading and responding to messages on social media. While this behavior is dangerous for other drivers on the road, it also poses a risk for those drivers who are holding their phones in one hand while driving with the other. This blog post will discuss how you can create a hands free device usage policy that will help ensure your employees are safe when they’re behind the wheel of your vehicle! You’ll also learn about some examples of what a good policy might look like, as well as ways to enforce it. Keywords: hands-free devices, policy, usage The Necessity of a Policy for Hands-Free Device Usage While it might seem that the use of hands free devices is more convenient than talking on your phone while driving, they also come with some disadvantages. The biggest drawback to using them is their potential inability to communicate vital information such as speed and distance traveled in time before an accident occurs. These types of situations can be prevented by creating a strict handsfree device usage policy which will outline what employees are not allowed to do when behind the wheel! For this blog post we’ll discuss how you should go about drafting up this type of document so your business is fully prepared for these instances. We’ll then give you some examples from other organizations who have implemented


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