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Ethacrynic acid is a medication that has been approved by the FDA for use in people who are suffering from a number of kidney and liver diseases. It works by flushing out toxins that have built up inside the body, but it does come with side effects. We will discuss how to prepare for treatment with ethacrynic acid and what some of those side effects may be. First, it is important to know that ethacrynic acid should not be taken without the supervision of a doctor. It can also have some dangerous side effects in people who are pregnant or breastfeeding and those with certain health conditions such as gastrointestinal ulcers and severe liver damage. For this reason, we recommend talking to your physician before starting treatment if you fit into one of these categories. If you do decide to start taking ethacrynic acid for any of these reasons, make sure it’s under medical supervision so they can monitor any changes in your condition closely—the medication may need to be adjusted or stopped altogether depending on how things progress over time. For patients who don’t suffer from any other illnesses besides kidney disease


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