blood pressure
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Losartan is a medication that prevents your body from making too much angiotensin II, which reduces blood pressure. While losartan is not used to treat high blood pressure itself, it can be prescribed for hypertension in conjunction with other medications. Angiotensin II causes the narrowing of arteries and increases the workload on the heart by constricting it and increasing its rate. Losartan blocks this process by inhibiting an enzyme known as angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE). This results in widening of the blood vessels and lowering of peripheral resistance. The following keyword was included: losartan The following keyword was not included: high blood pressure Keyword(s) found: losartan, angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE), peripheral resistance. ..and so on for more content. You can also add numbered or bullet points at the end of a paragraph if you want to include some additional info that needs to be organized in order. The key here is just to keep writing without stopping until you reach the conclusion of your post! Once you finish one blog post you’ve written and posted, then it’s time to start working on another topic and write that next one too – but coming up with ideas for long form blogs posts will come easier as we go along because now we have all this


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