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Bethanechol is a medication used to treat urinary problems such as urinating too often or difficulty starting the urine flow. It relaxes the muscles of your bladder and urethra so that they work properly, allowing you to empty your bladder completely when you go to the bathroom. Bethanechol can be taken in tablet form, capsules, or liquid suspension. You should always consult with your doctor before taking any new medications. ** Bethanechol is a medication that is used to treat problems such as slow digestion and constipation. It works by moving food through the digestive system more quickly, which helps relieve symptoms of both conditions. Bethanechol can also be taken before meals to aid in swallowing difficulties or after surgery when there may be some difficulty with swallowing. Patients who are taking this type of drug must make sure not to overdose on it because doing so may lead to serious side effects including heart attack and seizures. If you take too much Bethanechole, contact your doctor immediately for help! Be mindful of how often you’re taking the drug and what other medications or supplements you might have been prescribed alongside an MAOI inhibitor


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