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What are some warning signs that captopril is no longer working for you? What should you do if they persist? These are important questions to answer, and luckily we have answers for them. In this blog post, a health care professional will be answering all of your captopril related questions. We will cover topics such as what the drug does, how it works, when it can fail to work and what side effects patients might experience. ** This is the end of your content. You should have a total of 15-20 sentences written out in this section. If you’re not done, go back and add more to it! This blog post will be around 600 words long (including bullet points and numbers) so make sure that there are enough for people to read without getting bored. What Is Captopril? And What Are Some Warning Signs That It’s Not Working For Me Anymore? ~~ “Captopril is an ACE inhibitor drug often used to treat high blood pressure.” – Health Care Professional Here at Eastside Medical Group we see many patients who are taking captopril on a daily basis for their hypertension or other cardiovascular risk factors


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