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If you are in the process of purchasing health insurance, it’s important to know what features your plan must have. In this blog post, we will discuss three must-have features that every health insurance plan should include: 1) Coverage for prescription drugs 2) Preventative care coverage (such as annual physical exams and mammograms) 3) Outpatient mental health coverage The first feature that health insurance plans should include is coverage for prescription drugs. Many people need medications to manage their chronic conditions or illnesses, and they may not be able to afford these prescriptions without having adequate insurance coverage. In addition, if someone has a sudden illness or injury, the medication used to treat it will also fall under this category of healthcare needs. Another important must-have in a health care plan is preventive care coverage (such as annual physical exams and mammograms). These types of examinations are vital because they can help detect potential problems early on before those issues become life threatening. Lastly, outpatient mental health coverage would add another layer of protection for patients who might have anxiety disorder or depression but cannot visit with a therapist due to financial limitations


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