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It is not uncommon for physicians to prescribe metoclopramide, even though they know that it can cause dangerous side effects. This drug has been linked to many severe conditions such as tardive dyskinesia and Parkinson’s disease. It is time to question the use of this medication because its side-effects are too risky and there are safer alternatives available. The term metoclopramide is often used to describe a class of drugs called prokinetics, or agents that are designed to stimulate the upper stomach and intestine (e.g., by increasing gastrointestinal motility). Metoclopramide can be effective in treating chronic constipation for some patients but it has been associated with many significant side effects including involuntary movements known as dyskinesia which may progress into more serious conditions like Parkinson’s disease. This article will explore how this drug can cause dangerous side-effects while other treatments do not have these risks. In some cases, physicians prescribe unsafe medications such as metoclopramide because they hope that it will provide relief from their patient’s symptoms without realizing the potential consequences


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