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A closed container is a vessel of some sort that has an opening with a lid. Closed containers are commonly used for storing liquids such as water, milk, and juice. They can also be used to store non-liquid items like gas or other hazardous materials. A closed container will vaporize when heated until it reaches the temperature that it’s boiling point is at. Bullet Point: -, Bullet Point: -. For example, if the temperature is at 100 degrees Fahrenheit and it’s boiling point is 212 degrees Fahrenheit, then vapor bubbles will be created as long as heat from either a stove or an open flame continues to go inside of the closed container. This process can also be reversed with cold water placed in a closed container that would cause condensation on the outside. In this case, because there was no liquid present for so long (or maybe you’ve used up your supply), when water touches the air molecules are absorbed into it until all of them have been soaked up and it becomes just one big droplet on top of whatever surface it has landed on. Blog


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