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The hero will rise. The phrase is at the heart of the movie, a hero will rise. It is also what we strive for in our lives as people and as businesses. We want to be heroes, but often times we overlook how important it is to have a plan on how that should happen. We need to have a deep understanding of how we can help others, and what our role should be. The hero will rise in the movie because John knows that he needs to get some supplies for his family before winter sets in. His mother is sick with cancer and has been living under an assumed identity so she could receive treatment without being picked up by authorities. So when this plan falls apart, it’s time for him to step up once again as the hero – someone who helps people in their darkest hour. He sacrifices everything from his job/future prospects all the way down to his own safety just so that he can provide food and shelter for those he cares about most – even if that means putting himself at risk or disadvantageous


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