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A home file is a simple way to keep your life organized. Files can be used for anything from tax information to bills, and they are essential when you are trying to maintain a clean house. But what exactly is a home file?

A home file system is one that includes folders with names like “books” or “bills.” This folder may contain sub-folders or files relating to that topic (e.g., an Excel spreadsheet of all the bills paid in the last year).

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How to Get Started: Create a file for each of your topics, and fill it with files or folders related to that topic.

For example, if you have an “art” folder in the home office this could be filled with images of artwork from around the house as well as course catalogues and other materials relating to taking up art classes.

Benefits: Organizing physical items is much easier than trying to organize digital data – all you need are some plastic storage containers labelled with a category name (e.g., bills, taxes). You can also colour code these containers which will make finding things faster! Assemble the contents by category into separate bins on your desk drawer shelves or boxes under your bed.


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