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The best way to be a great hunter is to follow these 8 tips.

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The first tip is to wear the right shoes and clothing. Hunters should not wear any clothes that will slow them down or get in their way while they are hunting. They should also wear boots with good traction, so they don’t fall on the ground when pursuing prey.

Second, hunters need to have a weapon that suits their needs.

For example, if you plan on hunting small game like rabbits then it’s better for your shotgun barrel length to be less than 18 inches long because this makes it easier for you to move quickly through brushy areas without having your gun catch on branches and bushes as much as it would with a longer barrel length of over 18 inches.

Third, hunters should always have a first-aid kit with them. This will come in handy for any injuries that you might receive while hunting, such as cuts or bruises from falling on the ground.

Fourth, when shooting at prey it’s important to keep their head down and not raise up too high because this makes it easier to hit your target if they are moving quickly through brushy areas instead of staying still there.

Fifth, when approaching an animal that has been shot by another hunter it is better to shoot again than try to reach out and touch the animal because then you can’t be sure whether or not it’s dead yet.

Sixth, make sure never to use animals like bait which means don’t leave behind meat scraps or anything else.


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