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Dear Hiring Manager,

I am a recent graduate of the University of Pennsylvania with an undergraduate degree in engineering. I have been working for three years as a full-time research assistant at the university where I have gained valuable experience conducting experiments and analyzing data. My résumé is attached and highlights my qualifications to work at your company.


Jane Smith.

A Job Application Letter that Conveys All Your Qualifications|Tired of writing cover letters? Let’s make it easy! Here are some tips on how you can send off a well-written job application letter after one read through!

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In order to impress potential employers, there needs to be something different about your resume when compared to those often bland and generic letters. This is where a cover letter comes in to save the day! A well-written job application letter should expand on all the information contained in your résumé, which can often be difficult if you’re not good with words or just don’t have time to write one up from scratch.

The first step of this process would be thinking about why there’s an opening at their company and how it ties into what they do best—are they looking for engineers? Marketing professionals? You need to know that before doing anything else. If you are able to come up with something unique and fresh, then go ahead and send them off as soon as possible! 


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