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A Kelvin Wave is a ripple in the magnetic field of the sun. These waves are caused by solar flares and they can be seen as an increase in temperature on Earth’s surface. They are named after Lord Kelvin, who first observed them in 1859. The magnitude of these waves varies depending on the strength of the flare and how close it is to Earth when it occurs; however, they usually only reach about 10 degrees Celsius (18 degrees Fahrenheit). This blog post will explain what a Kelvin wave is and how you can see if there has been a recent event that took place near your location!

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Word Count: 370 words.

Exercise #12- Content Ideas for a Kickstarter Campaign Write the first draft of a Kickstarter campaign for a product.

Campaign Title: The Ultimate Planner for You and Your Baby!

A One-Page Printable Checklist to Keep Track of Everyday Life as a New Parent, Unbound by Tradition. Description: What are some qualities that make this planner unlike any other? First off, it’s designed so you can take your entire life right on the page with you in one compact printout (or digital download).

It doesn’t have to be limited just to the baby either we’ve included space for everything from meeting new friends at playgroups or work events, to planning out budgeting goals each month. 


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