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It’s important to have the right tools on hand when you’re working through an experiment. Lab benches are often cluttered and disorganized, which can lead to lost or damaged equipment, wasted time searching for items and accidents.

In this blog post from Sterlitech Corporation, we will share 11 items that every lab bench should be stocked with so your work is both safe and efficient.

Ziplock bags for storing small items like screws, bolts, or washers. Putting these in a bag with the date and contents helps to keep things organized and prevent them from getting lost. The blog post is about 11 useful lab bench supplies that are needed when conducting experiments at the laboratory bench.

The content starts by introducing ziplock bags as an item that can be used to store parts such as screws, bolts, or washers so they don’t get misplaced while working on different projects. It goes on to list other tools required around the lab whether it’s measuring cups for accurate measurements of liquid ingredients or safety goggles for protection against hazardous materials including chemicals and dust particles. Lab benches should always have the essential equipment.


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