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Amazon is a website, which was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos and his wife. Amazon started as an online bookstore that eventually expanded to sell DVDs, CDs, electronics and many other products. The company’s headquarters are located in Seattle Washington. Nowadays there are over 150 million active users on the site at any given time. The goal of this blog post is to talk about some of the benefits that come with shopping on Amazon such as their large variety of products available for purchase as well as their free shipping service they offer for Prime members (which includes two-day shipping). Amazon has over 500 million products to choose from and the majority of them are eligible for free shipping. This means that if you’re a Prime member, then you’ll be able to have your items shipped right away without any additional cost. The benefits don’t stop there! Amazon offers their customers reviews on each product they sell as well as ratings on how many stars out of five it should receive. The more stars an item has, the better it is rated by previous buyers. In addition to this feature, Amazon also maintains customer wish lists so consumers can keep track of products they want while browsing through different pages until they find what meets all of their needs and wants (even if these wishes change). Since 1994, Amazon


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