laser beam

It is true that a laser beam passing from medium 1 to medium 2 will be refracted. The amount of the angle of deviation in relation to the normal line can be determined by Snell’s Law and depends on the indices of refraction for each material. -The angle of deviation is proportional to the change in index of refraction. A laser beam, which has an index of refraction that varies with its wavelength, will be diverted at different angles as it passes through a material’s boundary from air into glass or water for example. The amount and type of change can be predicted by Snell’s Law. For instance, if light enters dry air from water then there is very little difference between the two media so almost no bending occurs. If the two materials have similar indices but are denser than each other (for example: saltwater and distilled water), then some focusing occurs because density increases faster than n^(½). This means where they meet on one side


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