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A servant leader is a person who has the attitude of serving others. A servant leader recognizes that they do not have all the answers and does not pretend to always be right. They are very patient with people, even when it appears as if this patience is being tested or abused by those whom they serve. Servant leaders also possess many other traits which are demonstrated through their actions on a daily basis. These include humility, thoughtfulness, kindness, trustworthiness, and fairness in all situations. When these qualities are combined together with service-oriented behaviors such as honesty and accountability for one’s actions there is no better way to lead an organization than from within its ranks as a servant leader! This is a great way to lead an organization because, as the leader, one has the opportunity to understand the needs of their employees in order to best provide for them. They also have opportunities to do things which are well-suited for those who work under them and not just themselves. It’s win-win! This type of leadership style is definitely worth exploring if you’re ever looking into how your business can be more successful through better employee relations or organizational dynamics.”}’>


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