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If you have a Windows computer and it’s not working, you’re in luck. There are plenty of troubleshooting options available to help get your Windows back up and running again. One of the most popular is using a Linux Troubleshooter operating system which can be booted from a CD or USB stick. Unlike other operating systems, this one is lightweight with no disk access for increased security, uses only open-source software and has an interface that doesn’t look like anything on your typical desktop PC. In this post, we’ll show you how to use a Linux Troubleshooter operating system and explore the various benefits of using it. Step One: Downloading the Disk Image File with Bootable USB Stick or CD-ROM Drive The first step is downloading an ISO image file that will be either burned onto a disk or loaded onto your USB stick’s storage device. The website for doing this can vary depending on which methods you want to use but generally speaking there’s only one thing needed in order to download—the URL link where they are hosted. For example, if I wanted the Knoppix version, all I would need to do was go here link text and type “Knoppix” into


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