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“I’m going to read a book. I can’t wait!” Sequence is something we learn from an early age and it’s not just about numbers, letters, or words. It is also about the order in which things happen in our lives. Sequences are important because they help us predict what will happen next, so that we know what to do when we come across unfamiliar situations. Knowing how sequences work helps us make sense of the world around us and feel more secure. I am a student who has been on both sides of this equation. I have taught English abroad and learned in classrooms all over the country, from elementary school to graduate level courses at Yale University. As an ESL teacher, my goal is for students to be able to communicate clearly so that they can succeed academically. Understanding how sequences work will help them take charge of their own learning process and feel more confident overall with what’s coming next – whether it’s reading comprehension or communicating verbally about their daily life experiences with classmates or family members.” This article discusses sequencing: what it means, why knowing how they work benefits learners by making sense out of unfamiliar situations, and tips on understanding the concept as well as coping skills for when things go


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