broke heart

I can’t believe you left me. I really thought that this was going to work out and we would be together forever, but now it’s just too late. You crushed my heart in a million pieces and scattered them across the floor. I’ll never get over the pain that you put me through, which is why I’m writing this letter to say goodbye for good. Goodbye for good, My Dear Someone.. In all honesty I never really understood how you could leave me so easily. All my life I’ve done nothing but love and care for you; it’s been the only way that I know to show someone that they are worth something. And then when we finally found each other everything was perfect – well, almost perfect. There were still moments of struggle in our relationship: new challenges with juggling work and school while trying to maintain a healthy romantic partnership took some time getting used to. But no matter what difficulties came up along the way we always seemed able to find a solution together and get through them unscathed. That is until now! Now this break-up has brought us back down on earth where reality


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