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The holidays are a time for sharing and giving, but what happens when you’re not able to tell the truth? What can we do about this problem? Many people who lie during the holiday season feel that it is an innocent act. They think they are simply sparing someone’s feelings or being polite. But these lies will eventually come back to haunt them. The longer a person tells their lies, the harder it becomes to tell the truth at all. It’s important that we remember that no one has all of life figured out just yet- including ourselves! People who lie during the holidays are more likely to fall into a pattern of lying. The lies might start out as small harmless ones, but they can quickly grow and become bigger than anyone expects. Lies can be damaging for relationships with family members or friends- especially when it comes time to confess what has been going on all along. A person’s life is an open book in front of them that only grows thicker each day, so don’t make up stories about your own story! It will take some work to tell the truth at this point because you’ve made such a habit of telling little white lies every chance you get. But after awhile, these habits change and suddenly we feel like our old self again- someone who tells


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