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How long will a light meal stay in my stomach? If you’re wondering when the food that you just ate is going to leave your body, then this article has the answer. We’ll go over what happens to food after it’s been eaten and how long it takes for different types of foods to digest before they are expelled from the body. *How long does food stay in your stomach? Food stays in the stomach for an average of three hours before it moves on to be digested. The time that it takes depends on what you ate and how fast or slow your body was able to process everything. For example, if you eat a heavy meal then there’s more work for the digestive system so digestion would take longer than with lighter foods that are easier to digest.* Some people find themselves bloated after eating too much at one sitting – this is because they’ve consumed more air along with their food which remains trapped inside them when unable to leave out through other channels like burping or passing through stool. This leads not only to uncomfortable bloating but also constipation as well


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