little boy

“Why are you crying, mommy?” “I’m not really sure honey.” The little boy saw his mother’s eyes were red from all the tears and he didn’t know why. He could tell she was feeling sad but he couldn’t understand what made her so upset. His mother hugged him close and said that it would be okay. She told him she had been working hard to make sure they could live a happy life together as a family. All of their dreams came true when she found out she was pregnant with him, and now there is someone else who needs them more than ever before in their lives: her sister’s baby girl, who passed away at 3 months old due to complications during childbirth. The little boy couldn’t understand why his mother was crying, and he tried to wipe the tears off her face. He realized that mothers need support too and they have feelings just like him. Conclusion: This story showed how important it is for little boys not only to respect their mothers but also try to understand them better because of all the responsibilities they carry on a daily basis. Mothers often cry when they are overwhelmed with stress or sadness from work, family life issues, or even after watching a sad movie about the death of someone – something which many children might find difficult to comprehend at first sight. But as this boy’s mother said in conclusion- “It will be okay.” The End! 🙂


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