jellyfish, marine, underwater @ Pixabay

There are a lot of characteristics that a living species must demonstrate. One of these is the ability to reproduce. But what characteristic must they have in order to be classified as alive? The answer: metabolism! Did you know that this characteristic is not always necessary for classification, though? Some people argue that it’s difficult to define life without being able to measure its complexity and others say that there are different ways of measuring “complexity.” That’s why there is still a lot of debate about what it means to be alive. Many people don’t agree on one definition and that has led them to the conclusion that life is subjective, meaning anyone can have their own opinion. Others think that being alive comes down to just one quality, like having DNA or reproducing (whatever they may need). There are many different perspectives on this issue and some arguments might seem more convincing than others depending on who you ask! There will never be an easy answer because our definitions keep changing. The argument could go back and forth forever without coming up with anything clear-cut as long as we’re trying to define something so complicated in words alone. But maybe it doesn’t matter how


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