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Logical functions are a way to deal with values that can either be true or false. You may have seen them before in math problems. For example, if you have x=2 and y=5, the logical function would be __.? If you said “equal,” then your answer is correct! Number of Words: __words Bullet Point One: a logical function is the answer to any math problem. It works with values that can either be true or false (think “equal”) __. If you have x=__ and y=__, then your answer will always be yes if it says __.? The number following ? equals how many times this statement is true for each variable in the question. For example, if x = 0 and y = __, then all statements in this equation are FALSE because they’ll equal zero! Bullet Point Two: You may also see these functions called Boolean algebra which got its name from George Boole who studied them extensively _._? The most common use of


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