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In business, it is important to report all of your revenue and expenses in order to properly account for the cost of goods sold. There are many reasons why a discontinued operation may be necessary, but they should not be ignored when calculating a net income or loss. In this blog post we will discuss nine different scenarios that would necessitate reporting on the income statement even if there was no profit made from the discontinued operation. The post is still being written. Continue reading for a preview of what’s to come! No one likes losing money, and it can be frustrating when you lose revenue from an operation that has been discontinued due to circumstances beyond your control. But in the world of business, there are many reasons why a loss may occur even if everyone did their job correctly–and those losses should not go unaccounted for on the income statement. In this blog post we will discuss nine different scenarios where reporting such losses would be necessary: -When inventory becomes unsalable or otherwise unusable; -A product cannot continue production because its key component became unavailable or prohibitively expensive; -An organization must move operations away due


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