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There is a force that surrounds each point in space. This force can be described as the magnetic field generated by an electric current. In this post, we will talk about how to calculate magnetic fields for various shapes with different currents and constants.

The magnetic field generated by an electric current is given as: b⃗ =b0(x/x0)^, where x represents the location in space and x0 a constant. The force of this field will depend on its magnitude (which we assume to be strength of the current), its direction relative to the point it surrounds, and also which side of that point lies in line with the direction.

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This means that if you were standing at some arbitrary position away from a wire carrying direct current then there would always be two forces acting on you – one pushing outwards along your normal vector due to the EMF created by charge flowing towards you, and another pushing inwards on your opposite vector because electrons.


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