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One of the major criticisms that can be leveled against Johann Blumenbach’s racial typology is that he assigned different races to humans based on their skin color. This type of thinking was problematic because it made a direct connection between race and complexion, when in fact there are many other factors involved in determining which category an individual belongs to.

Some of the races that Blumenbach assigned to humans based on skin color are now considered obsolete. One example is the race known as Cossacks, which were not only lighter than present-day people living in Russia but also taller and more angular with straight hair.

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This race was classified as Caucasoid by Blumenbach because it had white skin, when in fact their features – such as height and hair type – would have qualified them for a different category today. Another criticism that can be leveled against this typology is that he assigns some present day groups to older categories without any justification or evidence backing up his claims. He assigns Asiatic Indians to Caucasian even though they do not share all of the physical traits associated.


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